Armani Eye Tint....a Must!

Hi girls! Today's post will be dedicated to a category of eyeshadow i think will be best seller in next months...:liquid eyeshadows!
Since Armani launched its eye tint all eyes are on this type of product! Let's find out together!

After the beautiful Fuchsia Maharajah makeup collection, Armani's fashion house surprises us with these innovative fluid eyeshadows from particular formulation that transforms them, once applied on the eyelids, from liquids to solids, creating a thin, even layer of product.
The eyeshadows Eye Tint Armani is set perfectly to the eyelid and resist about 16 hours.
Giorgio Armani's Eye Tint are available in 12 shades inspired by nature: they can be used as eyeliner or as eyeshadows all over the eye, to get from a natural look to a super glamorous look.

Now you can buy them on sehora site for the price of $ 38.00
I love it and i advice you to use during the hot summer days: even at high temperatures, it doesn't run and stay there!

pics from the beauty book look

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