The Best Pastel Makeup and How to Wear for every Age

Spring time is a time for wearing pastel colors, and this is true both for outfits, hair and makeup. There are those who love them and who stand them ... and who perhaps would like to use them but don't know how to do!
In fact create a look with lilac, yellow, light blue or pink is not always easy. Let us see what are the risks, errors and some advices to use them in makeup for every age.

Look Luminous
A good base is always the secret to get a perfect makeup: add a beautiful glow to your face with shimmer, not glitter.
Infact we have to get a right balance: add too much is like became a north star!

Play with Color
Women usually think that if they apply lighter shades, they will look ill. So, if you share the same opinion then you should keep wearing this shades, but you should tend to apply an eyeliner and two coats of good mascara to accentuate the beauty of your eyes.

Focus on your Pout
"when it comes to the lipstick choice, you should tend to wear some neutral color lip gloss or a lipstick that matches with your lips": this is an advice for who wants a light effect!
But for who's brave, applying a vibrant lipstick (or creamy lip gloss), it's perfect to get a strong look!!

So do you like pastel makeup? i hope so...
For questions ask me!

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