Getting That Gorgeous Summer Glow in Winter

Hello girls !!

I know this isn't the appropiate time to talk about warmer skin (it's cold, very cold, and tanned face or healthy complexion is a distant memory of the summer!). Anyway in this post i have decided to talk about bronzer and how to use them properly, because no one forbids us to do a little 'contouring and to have a little' color on our face throughout the year!

When i make a makeup, i always like to use a little of bronzer. Really i find that a pretty sculpted face, warmed and with the right volumes gives an extra touch to the look and not have to think, therefore, that the bronzer is exclusively a product of 'summer'. It's the opposite!

This product can be used then for two main purposes:

the first is to make contouring.
the second is to make it a more 'healthy' facial, 'warming up' the skin with a suitable product.

It can be in cream and powder: The Powder are easier to work in respect to cream, infact can lead to do mistakes and create a stain effect. In addition to the texture of the products, They are also shade of colors which are chosen for both the contouring and for the 'bronzing'. If you wrong, in fact, the effect is bad. Basically, if our aim is to warm the complexion, we will have to use a warmer color (orange shade also shimmer or with glitter that gives more golden effect). While if we want to sculpt volumes, and then a little 'contouring, we should choose the cooler colors but not too much (here the finish is absolutely opaque to have a more natural and defined effect).

Some products are very good for both the contouring and warm face. One of these is Chanel Les Beiges. Its warm color is more naturally suited to be used as a bronzer.

So how do you apply your bronzer? Which method do you prefer? What are more easy to apply?