Face correction: foundation

This is second session of face corrections: foundation!

The function of the foundation is look younger: healthy skin and uniform color with radiant effect!

effect glow with foundation
Kim Kardashian
effect glow with foundation
Hayden Panettiere

Before to became our make up, first question should be: which is my foundation?
Generally consumers ask tp their foundation full coverage, while others want just a touch of color uniform skin tone and which gives them a natural look and nice, but always with the right boost of hydration.....

Anyway there is only one rule in the choice of foundation:
foundation should always be used in the same skin tone (or , at the most, one lighter tone), following our perfect formula!

Now we see different types of fondation:
Tinted Moisturizers

  • Tinted Moisturizers – All Skin Types

    Tinted Moisturizer are exactly what their name would have you expect. It is ideal for someone who is just starting out with makeup, such as a teenager or for someone who wants to even out skin tone with minimal effort. Because this product is also a moisturizer, there is no need to also apply a daily moisturizer with this product. Use clean hands or a foundation brush to apply this type of makeup.

Liquid Foundation

  • Liquid Foundation – Dry, Normal, or Combination Skin Types

    Certainly it’s the most popular and is packaged in a tube or bottle of glass or plastic. It has a light texture and the coverage can vary from fair to good. Surely among the types of foundation is the most versatile because according to its wording, more or less moisturizing, can be suitable for dry, normal or oily. It is applied with a triangular latex sponge or foundation brush in the appropriate synthetic bristles.

Cream Foundation

  • Cream Foundation – Dry to Normal Skin Types

    Less common than liquid but very appreciated because, given its creamy consistency, guarantees a greater opacity than any other type of foundation and therefore is more suitable in case of visible discoloration of the skin. It comes in wafer stick or jar and usually has a lipid-based formulation (fat) so not particularly suitable in case of oily skin or with excess sebum. It is applied with a triangular latex sponge or foundation brush in the appropriate synthetic bristles.

Powder Foundation

  • Powder Foundation – Combination to Oily Skin Types

    Is composed of pressed powder pigments and is presented in the wafer. Can be used in 2 ways: dry: it is applied with a feather duster or with a maxi-soft-bristle brush and has a relatively light coverage. wet: it is applied with a natural sponge slightly wetted and has an opacity greater than applying dry.

Mineral Makeup

  • Mineral Makeup – All Skin Types

    It is the latest in the field of foundation and has already become widespread because, being composed exclusively of natural fine powder, has the advantage of not occlude the pores and create a very natural effect. The coverage is pretty light and it is particularly suitable in the case of dry skin. It is applied with a special brush called kabuki with soft bristles and very dense which can also be moistened for a greater coverage.

The best way to choose our foundation is to try it on neck under natural light:
so our look will be natural...!
wrong foundation
Demi Lovato

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