BB CC or DD Cream?

Gemily Barbon

When we begin to build our make up, we think the fondatation will be our base.
to add brightness we must use foundation!

Nowadays we find in trade different types of fondation.Today we will take a close look at bb cc and dd cream....!
The history tells us that the bb cream has originally formulated in '60 like a balm by german dermatologist Dr. Christine Schrammek to protect her patients' skin after facial peels and surgery.

At the end of '80 this cream was  introduced in South Korea and Japan like “blemish balm”. It was a great success: it gave a porcelain skin effect!

In recent years has been introduced a variant of the bb cream: the cc cream (color correction) and dd cream (daily defence).
By the names, we can easy to understand different between these products:

BB CC DD Cream are used like fondation: but they have more balm ingradients!

Sephora recommends these bb cream
Sephora recommends these cc cream

We have a big variety of these products in trade and i agree with Recommended products of Sehora
Don't forget: if you are oily skin be attention to use these very moisturizing products!

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