How to Deflate Puffy Eyes!!

Hi dears,
In these hot summer days, often my awakening isn't good!!
I'm puffed up all face and body and, as the hours go by, everything returns normal: but eyes not!!

I try some tips to get rid of puffy eyes: they work well....

1) when you wake up, put something cold on eyes
Puffiness is result of fluid retention and application for 15 minutes of cold cucumber or potato slices helps drainage.

2) Apply moisturizing cream around your eyes
After your cold compress, application of moisturizing eyecream is perfect to get perfect balance ph of your eyeskin!! It will be perfect a cream based on asian centella, green thea or chamomile.

3) The use of cold spoons helps liquid drainage
To get an express liquid drainage around eyes, just keep 2 tea spoons in the fridge and put them on eyes area from the concave until it will be heated.

4) Makeup is a good helper
To camouflage puffy eyes, just use a concealer 1 shade lighter then skin tone. Blend it well and applya thin layer of powder. Very important is emphasize application of blush on cheekbone: contrast of light dark hides puffy eyes.

Anyway simple rules to follow every day are: at least drinking 2lt of water, eating with little salt, avoid alcohol and the play is done!!
I get good results following every steps...let me know if for you will be the same.....

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