Sweeties, it's time to make tests.....

If yestarday i talked about Jaclyn Hill and her full face highlighter challenge,
today it's turn of Linda Hallberg and her full face liquid lipstick challenge!!!

She has been great, infact the results was so amazing: pop effect!!
◉ Makeup eyes are bold, defining shape and colour and enhancing her beautiful blue eyes.

◉ I like so much choice of lipstick color that gives her (with its matt effect) kissable lips!

But, the only thing isn't perfect is the choice of lipstick color used like foundation: it's too much pink compared to her skin tone!!

Anyway, she is so beautiful i think she could put on face all things, and always she would be perfect (♥‿♥) (♥‿♥)!

Let's see video and let me know your comment down below ✍(◔◡◔)....

all pics from web

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