Pink: ‘Kingdom of Colors’ Spring Makeup Collection 2015

Now we can see the new cosmetic houses issues for the spring 2015 and we have already grasp that the pink is one of the colors of 2015. We have seen, however, especially for the eyes and cheeks ... yet the red carpet and sales statistics suggest that the place where you will see more of this color will be on the lips! What do you say? According with complexion and ages, the most important thing is choose the right shade!
I was really impressed to discover this news: sales of pink lipsticks have exceeded the eternal classic red !! Yes, girls, it's official: the rose is back!
I'm sure some of you are already wrinkling her nose, but beware: the shades of pink are much more versatile than red and nude color!! So it's impossible not find your own "perfect pink", able to immediately give a sweet, a little 'doll, or just healthy and fresh, or even, can be a great elegance: the choice is yours!

Demi Lovato

Golden Globe....Dreams Night!

It would be fair to say that the red lip color isn't the only color to enhance clear eyes: let's see those pics!

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Anyway there is a lot of fun to wear pink lipsticks in its shades: you just have to look the Dior ‘Kingdom of Colors’ Spring Makeup Collection 2015....Fantastic!

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