Perfect eyebrows: fashion trends

Who doesn't want a perfect frame for eyes?
Perfect eyebrows are indispensable to complete makeup eyes!I have written many posts about this subject: how to create a perfect shape, the most common mistakes, how to choose appropriate shape for us, how to define them!

Today we talk about trends and how eyebrows shape has evolved in recent years.

megan fox

angelina jolie

drew barrymore

gwen stefani

As you can see, thick eyebrows give character to the look, make it more profound and penetrating, place them in the foreground by choosing a make up eyes extremely natural.

Moreover, contrary to what you might think, thicker eyebrows give you soften features.

To have fashionable eyebrows you will need to re-grow as much as possible them and delete only the most rebellious hair (only those growing far outside the natural line).

It will be essential to fill and give intensity to the shape using pencils and eyeshadows for brows: it will help us to get a perfect result!

What do you say? Did you or will you grow your eyebrows to align them with the latest trend? Or are you a fan of thin gull wing?

Let me know your leaving a comment below!