Lips Tutorial: How to apply lipstick

Lips Tutorial: How to apply lipstick
Lips Tutorial: How to apply lipstick

Hi everyone!
Today we will study a base of make up: how to apply lipstick!

When we talking about lips and lipstick, the first thig to know is the focus and the effect we would want to get....
For example we could get a natural result or a little lining exaggeration with shiny gloss!

And after we should to know if define our natural line lips or the outer perimeter to enlarge them.
So, when we have known what effect we would get, we are ready to draw our lips!

Here the basic steps to start:

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Lips Tutorial: How to apply lipstick

1) Apply foundation on lips (or primer). The purpose is to smoothen the skin and make the makeup more long-lasting and less prone tosmudging.
2) set with powder.
3) Contour your lips with a lip liner. This step is important if you want to emphasize the lips a lot and make them seem bigger.
4) Full inner lips.
5) Soften the contour of the lips with a small brush for a more natural look.
6) Damp with napkin to remove excess.
7) Apply the lipstick . It is best to do it with a small brush than with the lipstick itself since the work will be done more precisely that way.
8) To get our colour, blend an other lipstick.
9) Using a clean, unused brush, clean the edges where you have gone out of the lines
10) Set outer with powder

Well Done!

I hope it will be easy for you... but for any questions write me!

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