How to make Strobing

How to make Strobing
How to make Strobing

Hi everyone!

In my older post, i talked about bases of makeup: foundation, concealer, blush etc.

Until recently, to build a good makeup, classic school says us to create a contouring to enhance face shape: everything we highlight (or lighten) comes forward, and everything we contour (or darker) recedes!

But now a topic that often speaking in makeup word is Strobing.....but what is it???

To understand easily, i can say the strobing is the same technique of contouring, but in this case we don't use dark shade!!

The secret is light. Infact the purpose is to bring out bright highlights on face to where the light naturally hits to create an illuminated complexion: that's so great!

So to get perfect strobing we have to nmake 2 questions

where apply highlighter areas?
cheekbones, brow bones, inner corner of your eyes, the center of your forehead, down your nose, and on your cupids bow and cin

What products have i to use?
You need to apply a dewy concealer in a color two shades lighter than your skin tone on the areas of your face where the light naturally hits. After to have swept powder throughout the center of your face, blending down and outward, go over concealer areas with illuminator to get drammatic look!!

Do you know this technique?
If not, will you try it?
For all questions, write below!

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