Gemily Barbon Replies: How to Cover Super Dark Circles

How to Cover Super Dark Circles
How to Cover Super Dark Circles

Hi girls!

Today is the day of reply to one answer about a very complex topic: concealer!
Before continuing, i suggest to read Face correction: concealer to have a full picture about it!

                                      So let's see the answer:

What are the best concealers for super dark circles? Thanks

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 Katherine J

Cover very dark circles is a very heavy duty.....
By me before to think about concealer texture and the choice of products (i prefer* light texture because it's more moisturizing and more blendable!), is better to talk about tecnique. So it will need following only 2 simple steps.

  • neutralize dark circles

  • This step is very undervalued. Infact, the common way to cover dark circles is lighten the area under eyes with a bright concealer!
    So, the dark will became grey: the dark circles will be more evident than before and your eyes look tired.
    The right way to adjustment and to hide dark circles is to apply orange conceler and blend very well: you will see this area will look more even with skin face!

  • bright dark circles

  • with the second step, the dark circles will became similar in color with all face: don't forget to blend very well!

    Extra Tips

  • Use eye cream before applying makeup: otherwise your concealer could look dry and cakey!

  • it's important to blend well and give an even look apllying concealer in a triangle under the eyes area: never in circle way!
    In RiRi's pic you can see perfectly the area where has been applied the concealer!

                       For other questions, write below or contact me....

    *= my prefered professional concealers are erase paste concealer of benefit, full cover of MUFE. A good alternative could be e.l.f. Studio HD Lifting Concealer and ColorStay under-eye concealer of Revlon

    pics from web