How to do Makeup for Dry Skin

How to do Makeup for Dry Skin

Hi everyone!Today i’ll talk about how make a good makeup for dry skin. Dry skin may look simpler to make a make up and less problematic but there are several precautions to follow to get a perfect base!

And Cameron Diaz knows that!

The main problem of dry skin is to present arid, cracked or flaky skin. These problems, once applied the foundation, will see more then before.

So it’s very important to pay attention to skincare: regularly exfoliating the skin with light scrub to remove the cuticle and make the complexion smoother.
Before to start with the make up, you need apply a good moisturizing cream, which will guarantee hydatation to the skin throughout the day.

The primer can be useful to fill the driest areas and to the foundation last longer (it’s preferable used only for important occasions, not everyday!).

Let's start with foundation: for dry skin is preferred moisturizing foundation and bright, fluid if you haven’t discoloration and you get a light coverage: cream foundation if you need more coverage.

Avoid the mattifying foundation or those that contain alcohol because, with their dry formulation, should be to dry out the skin.
Also avoid mineral foundation, because the powder formulation would highlight the dryness of the skin.

After applying the foundation you apply powder: dry skin need very little powder, to avoid "dry" too much skin and then drying it.
Next step is blush: If your cheeks are very dry, you can choose a cream products.

Also, if during the day you feel a sensation of dryness on the skin, can be very useful to spray thermal water: make your face rehydrated and make longer life of make up.

all pics from web

all pics from web

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