How to apply purple eyeshadow

purple eyeshadow

Hello girls!

Here we are back to another round of the series matching eyeshadow, and it’s time of one of the most vibrant and intense color, that give to eyes a really nice effect, because it can blended in many shades and bring both day and night, changing only some details!
I'm talking about purple, which is created by the red and blue, and so it is very versatile and with warm and cold shades!

Let us see now many looks, products and matching with this color!

A color all like so much, magnetic and lively at the same time, but unfortunately that is not always easy to use. It isn’t so obvious to find the hue that suits each of us and especially not so obvious to find products that are perfectly pigmented once rub on the eyelid.

Often, in fact, although it is a very vibrant shades, purple can be very not so intense, and the effect on the eye tends to be turned off or give a sense of livid eyes!

This happens especially when using purple eyeshadow with a strong blue color in it, so it can be really problematic to wear! Well, this is a color faster and easier to use, but to avoid mistakes or unpleasant effects on the eyes just use a few tips.

First you choose a purple shade that matches with your complexion.
If you have mediterranean colors, olive skin or yellow undertone is better to avoid lighter shades of lilac and lavender. While if you want a nice deep purple, favorite the texture a bit satin rather than the completely opaque, in order to have a final effect more three-dimensional and not flat.

To avoid mistakes, if you are just starting out with this color, you can use purple as a simple detail and not as full color on lid.
Infact a line made with an eyeliner, eyepencil or a little eyeshadow blended under the lower lid (combined with a neutral tone on the upper eyelid) gives a touch of color to your makeup: with a few gestures you can sure don’t take risks!

Despite all the difficulties, the purple (Radiant Orchid shade) was trend color of the year 2014, attracting a lot of interest and enthusiasm, perhaps because it contains a large amount of pink in it , so was more portable than other darker shades of purple.

Not only: being the opposite color to green, purple gets great success among those have this eyes color! Nevertheless, I find it’s a shade really suited to those who have dark eyes, near to the plum or eggplant.

But let's see the different products we can find:

  • 1. Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Liquid Lipcolor in Ultimate Orchid

  • 2. Ion Color Brilliance Brights Semi-Permanent Hair Color in Rose

  • 3. NARS Rage Cinematic Eye Shadow

  • 4. H2O+Aqualibrium De-Stress Marine Gel Mask

  • 5. Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Colour in Orchid

  • 6. M.A.C Sheen Supreme Lipstick in Asian Flower

  • 7. Calvin Klein Forbidden Euphora

  • 8. Essie Nail Color in Under Where?

  • 9. NYX Stick Blush in Tulip

  • 10. Smashbox Photo Finish Color Correcting Foundation Primer in Balance

  • Do you like purple? do you wear it for a special evening?
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