How to get fuller lips

How to get fuller lips
How to get fuller lips

Hi everyone! Today i'm so excited: i have seen a video where lips are drawn to make them fuller!

Easy, fast with a big go grab your mirror and get ready to tackle this technique!

Step 1
Sweep a layer of powder over your lips. This will really give something for your lip product to cling to and help it remain in place.

Step 2
Using the lip liner, trace a line along the edge of your natural lip line. Along your bottom lip, draw a line in the centre and then one either side about 1/2 a centimetre away.

Step 3
Apply a dark lipstick to cover outer of the lips. In the inner of the lips apply a brighter lipstick to get contrast.
A lip brush will help blend out the lines you’ve just drawn for a natural effect.

Now we'll get right to the point: we all have a good and fantastic view of this video.......

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