how change the stars: Miley Cyrus

Hello girls!

Miley Cyrus, born in 1992, became famous in 2006 thanks to the TV series signed Disney Channel "Hannah Montana", to have great success. The plot revolves around the double life of this little girl, normal teenager during the day, but hugely popular pop star in the night. Miley on the show recites and sings, as is continuing to do today.

The TV series continues for four seasons, until 2010; Meanwhile, Miley has become the richest teenage celebrity in Hollywood, and one of the 20 highest-paid musicians of all time. She also feels the need to break away from his past; from sweet star for teenagers begins slowly to become a young woman transgressive and rebellious!

It don't know how, but something about her has changed, it seems bigger, more mature and sexy. Surely it's due to in part about her makeup: thick false eyelashes, plenty of bronzer, big hair and nude lipstick are enough to revolutionize a look even as a young girl (and maybe even a sprucing dental).

As you have seen the transformation is very gradual; to characterize the various moments: the hair, which constantly change color, and the clothes, the increasingly fashionable and brave. The style of Miley is envied by the younger, who look to her as a real inspiration!

The real point of no return: at first Miley cut her long hair in a soft yoke, very elegant, which gives it a lot; Note the gradient effect, perfectly in tune with the times.

I think her big success is due to her transgression that goes in contrast with her sweet face: she is so hot.....!

So girls, what do you think of Miley? What looks do you favorite? We found that it is exaggerated or just because you like so brave.... Surely I am curious to know how to continue its evolution, and you? a kiss

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