Face correction: concealer

Gemily Barbon

This is first session of face corrections....! 

Assuming that every face has its own charm, the secret to appear more beautiful is that to highlight qualities and (so to speak) hide flaws!

We need a good make up base, so what can be a great ally is the  Concealer.

cover well our eyes circles means have a fresh look

Attention: we should be careful to use it properly,  if not it can be transformed into our worst enemy

In this pic Drew Barrymore,  Eva Longoria and Cristina Aguilera show us how they have choosed the wrong concealer, causing panda effect!

There are many types of concealers, different from formulations and textures.

concealers comes in multitude
 of textures and formulations

For example:
  • for dark circles,  we should always use a moist and creamy concealer.
  • on the contrary, for broken capillaries or spots, we should always use much drier concealer.

To make no mistakes, we shoud know all types of concealers.

stick concealer
  • stick concealers  have a full coverage! They go from dryer to creamier texture and should use them to cover everything! If we use them on under eye area, we be sure the consistency is creamy enough to blend well so the fine lines aren't accentuated! For other face areas we can use a drier texture so it will hold longer.

pot concealer
  • pot concealers have a similar coverage to stick. They are more moisturizing and appear less thick.

wand concealer
  • wand concealers have very light and sheer texuture. Its formula is used to cover flaws of small entities and if we use the proper shade , we don't need to use fondation: just blend very well!

pencil concealer
  • pencil concealers cover tiny imperfections such as blemishes, broken capillaries, veins. With exact color, they allow us to coverage without a lot of blending.

We shouldn't never forget these basic rules.
Infact if we use the wrong color or formula, our concealer can draw more attention to the problem we are trying to conceal.....

Kristen Stewart has choosed a color concealer which accentuates the gray under the eyes

I hope my tips have been useful for you and see you soon...